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Mommy & Me 
Programs 2023
* There are no refunds or credits due to illness or absence.

Mother Nature & Me with Miss Leaha

Explore and discover a world of pretend for children and caregivers to connect with nature! Discover nature through child-led exploration and sensory-rich activities such as nature crafts, story-time, water play, mud kitchen, food play, and garden exploration. Children who love nature grow into adults who protect it.

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Developmental Music Exploration

This class will focus on having fun while singing, playing, and moving to music, using music activities backed in science. Children and caregivers will get to play with various sensory instruments, make new friends, move to music, and sing songs while learning basic American Sign Language skills! Miss Rebecca is a board certified music therapist whose mission is to "bridge the heart and the brain through music."

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Mommy & Me with Miss Sue

Enjoy music/circle time consisting of sensory & gross motor activities with music, instruments, parachutes, puppets, bubbles & more!

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Boker Tov, Bambinos

Come explore our school's Reggio-Emilia philosophy through the eyes of your baby/toddler - building confidence and fostering independence through open-ended play, nature, gross and fine motor exploration, and sensory experiences!

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We will sing, move, play instruments and work on so many important developmental skills including emotional, social, gross and fine motor skills, balance and rhythm, and most importantly, learn through play and music! It's a party, so come ready to release endorphins and get happy together!

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Monet 2 Mozart

Based on the Reggio Emilia approach, this class invites children to collect recycled materials and create art while learning about a different famous artist and composer each week! Children will develop fine motor, critical thinking, social development and early math skills, as well as have exposure to new Hebrew words. Artwork and info letter for parents will go home after each class to continue the learning process and encourage conversations and reflections with your child!

Spring 2023 Registration

Sun, March 26 2023 4 Nisan 5783