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Member HH Tickets 2022

Temple Beth Emet Members High Holiday Ticket Request 2022



This year Temple Beth Emet will be offering Hybrid High Holiday Services (virtual and in-person). All members must choose if they would like to attend services in-person or virtually. Your choice will help us plan for security and allow us to have protocols in place to keep everyone safe.


High Holidays tickets are $186 for members wanting to purchase additional tickets.  To purchase one holiday (Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur) the cost is $100.These prices are for both virtual and in-person options.
For those attending in-person please include guest(s) names and mailing address
For those attending virtual please include guest(s) names and email address
We will mail all guest tickets for in-person and email codes for virtual. 


For guests who will be virtual and would like prayer books you can:
  1. PURCHASE - for $50, one set of (2) High Holiday books from the Temple (one holiday $25).
  2. RENT - for a $50 deposit, one set of (2) High Holiday prayer books ($25 deposit for one holiday only). Once you return the books you will receive a $30 refund ($10 refund for one book). ALL PRAYER BOOKS MUST BE RETURNED BY NOVEMBER 1, 2022 OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL DEPOSIT.


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Thu, June 8 2023 19 Sivan 5783