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Annual Gala



On April 30, 2022Temple Beth Emet and Beth Emet Schools (3 months – 8th grade) will join together to host our Annual Gala Fundraiser. Sponsorships, Underwriting and Silent Auction Items are crucial to the success of this important fundraiser, this year more than ever. All proceeds directly benefit academic and program expansion, facilities maintenance and upgrades, and financial assistance for those in need. 

We invite you to participate in the Gala, which will include over 300 of guests comprised of TBE members, parents, teachers, staff and community. This year our gala theme is “TBE Nights”. Guests will enjoy a night of “Havana” style food and drinks, a silent auction, music ranging from bongos to salsa dancers, fun games such as dominos and an overall night of fun while giving back.


Brina Goulder
Jessica Hampshire
Candice Scholl

Brina Goulder has been a part of the TBE community since 1998 and has the unique perspective of growing up and alongside Temple Beth Emet. Her own strong Jewish identity was instilled through all of what TBE has to offer its families today - Religious School, Confirmation classes, Youth Group, Camp Beth Emet and then even working camp and after-care at the very start of BES. Even more than a strong foundation in Judaism, TBE provided Brina a second home growing up, with role models and mentors that fostered and nurtured her own passions in life - especially teaching. Today, Brina has two young children in the ECC program, one in Pre-Nursery and the other through Mommy & Me. She is currently on the PTO Board and developed Boker Tov, Bambinos! a new ECC Mommy & Me program. Since having children, her passion for teaching has evolved to embodying "L'dor V'dor", from generation to generation. Brina is dedicated to ensuring that young families, like her own, find their second home here at Temple Beth Emet so that one day their children can do the same.

Jessica Hampshire has been has been a part of the TBE community since 2017. She has two children who have made their way through the ECC program and are now in BES. TBE has quickly become home for her. Jessica loves being involved in many aspects including her role as Co-President for the BES PTO. Jessica's creativity, vision of TBE's future and general awesomeness make her an asset to the community!



Thank you to the Gala Committee for the time, talent, and expertise you have given. You have made a difference through your dedication and continued support. Your ideas, input, and enthusiasm were most helpful.

Michelle Bernstein
Jessica Cooper
Jaime Gazes

Marissa Hanan
Eden Katz
Michelle Mazor
Arielle Nadel
Liza Novikov
Jenny Rivera

Jodi Shir
Robin Steinman
Robin Tepper

Thu, October 6 2022 11 Tishrei 5783